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Deb Prince will ensure you get the optimum debt settlement out of IRD. She has 5 years of experience as a consultant with Tax Debt Brokers, on top of 7 years’ experience negotiating tax debt settlements from the other side of the table, as an Inland Revenue debt officer.

Even as an ex-Inland Revenue officer Deb is still bound by the declaration of secrecy that she had to sign at Inland Revenue and cannot disclose any of Inland Revenue’s procedures or processes BUT she can put her knowledge to work for you by negotiating directly with Inland Revenue on your behalf. This gives you an enormous head start when it comes to achieving a settlement that is in your favour.

Prior to working at Inland Revenue, Deb was a District and High Court Deputy Registrar, handling Civil debt cases.

In the private sector Deb has worked in a diverse range of industries, from tourism and transportation, to the security sector and natural health industry.

Deb has been self-employed and knows first-hand the demands and stresses associated with tax compliance.

Originally from Hawkes Bay, Deb lived in Auckland for 17 years before moving north to Whangarei from where she now regularly commutes to Auckland.

In her free time Deb enjoys getting into the great outdoors, particularly kayaking and hiking. In 2010 Deb trekked for 22 days in the Khumbu valley in Nepal, within view of Mount Everest, the top of the world. With Deb on your side you too will soon be feeling on top of the world with your tax debt problems behind you.

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