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A true professional, Ann has been involved in the area of negotiation for much of her career.

Prior to joining Tax Debt Brokers, Ann spent time in the Debt Collection area of Inland Revenue. She worked closely with the Legal and Technical Services and the Investigations/ Audit teams. She also tutored Collections staff in legislative interpretation.

As Regional Compliance Manager Asia/Pacific for AT&T for several years, Ann’s role involved negotiation with Government Departments of several countries, and the relevant legislative knowledge.

Several years with Coles Myer ( Australia ) saw Ann successfully negotiating rents for approximately 300 liquor stores in several states. The return on investment ( ROI ) decided the financial viability of each store.

Ann spent some years lecturing in Business Skills at University in Palmerston North, and has also run a very financially successful ‘’business’’ as a Director of International Students / Head of Department.

Ann is a business woman, experienced in negotiation and knowledgeable of legislation. She will work with you to resolve a debt situation, so that you and your accountant have a viable relationship going forward.

She is aware that Company tax debt does not just affect the Company; it can have repercussions on shareholders/ directors. By the same token, she is a mother with a mortgage; she has the empathy and life experience required to relate to individuals / sole traders.

Above all, Ann has the tenacity to reach a resolution of your tax debt that is fair to you.

Ann Leigh

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