My spokesperson with the IRD

M.K. – Lower Hutt, Wellington:   

Thank goodness for Ann Leigh. We walked into her house with a bag full of IRD worries and walked out without it. She listened very carefully, was very empathetic to our situation and identified two major issues. By the end of the meeting Ann had created a plan and pretty much led the project from there. She became my spokesperson with the IRD, so I no longer had to talk with them, and she followed up relentlessly to get the job done. Ann truly knows how to get results, she knows how to communicate with the IRD, she knows what to do, what to say and what not to say. Thanks Ann for your help. We are truly stoked that you were able to write off our tax debts and sincerely appreciate your work. If anyone is stressing out about their taxes then I would highly recommend you give her a call today and take your bag with you, you never know, will cost you nothing to ask.

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