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All Tax Debt Brokers consultants have a minimum of 4 years working experience in the IRD, as well as extensive private sector experience.

We have a unique understanding of how to find the best possible solution for our clients Tax Debt Situations.

Our consultants are located in Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington, but our service is nationwide. The consultants are supported by an admin and management team with wide business experience.


  • Steve Dent



    My name is Steve Dent.

    Officially, I am a Tax Debt Specialist … but you can consider me your “hired muscle” to help you in your fight to get a fair settlement with the IRD.

    This work is 100% of what I do – it is not an “add on” to an existing business, so I am really focussed on getting a result for you! read more…

    0800 TAX DEBT (0800 82 93 32)

  • Deb Prince

    Deb Prince



    My name is Deb Prince and I am the person who can negotiate the tax debt settlement that is most favourable to YOU. I have seven years of experience negotiating tax debt settlements as an Inland Revenue debt officer. I can’t disclose any of Inland Revenue’s procedures or processes due to secrecy provisions but I can put my knowledge to work for you by negotiating directly with Inland… read more…

    Direct 09 438 8685 or 0800 82 93 32

  • Deb Newton

    Deb Newton



    My name is Deb Newton and I am situated in the Waikato although I came from Northland. I joined Tax Debt Brokers after witnessing firsthand the positive difference they make to people’s lives by negotiating the settlement of their tax debt so they can get on with their life. I bring a unique skill set to this work by having spent the last 5 years in the relevant debt area of Inland Revenue. … read more…

    Direct 07 825 7234 or 0800 82 93 32

  • Ann Leigh

    Ann Leigh



    Based in Wellington, I am originally from Hawkes Bay. I bring four years of experience negotiating the settlement of tax debt working in the debt area of Inland Revenue. While I can’t disclose any of Inland Revenue’s procedures, my experience in that environment can assist in negotiating a tax debt settlement that is the best possible outcome for you. I have witnessed the difference Tax… read more…

    Direct 04 897 2552 or 0800 82 93 32 

The team at our annual conference in Doubtless Bay


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